About us

Vast experience and detailed knowledge of the local and international power markets allow Vector Energy Innovation to deliver energy trading solutions to regional and overseas customers.

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Products and service

Vector Energy Innovation trades diversified power worldwide.
Offer a broad range of power sales solutions to the end-users.

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Business Area

Vector Energy Innovation is a trusted energy trader specializing in cross-border trading, focusing on European wholesale markets.

Vector Energy Innovation is a customer-centric company that facilitates customized solutions and offers tailored transactions and contracts according to partners’ specific needs.


Vector Energy Innovation ensures a transparent system for multilateral trading to harmonize commodity exchange markets.
The company connects energy systems worldwide in cost-efficient grid infrastructure and supports the energy transitions in efficient and cost-effective ways.

Our goals

The clear strategic focus guides Vector Energy Innovation:


Promotion of electrification and climate-smart energy solutions


Capturing commercial opportunities in the energy trading


Delivering high-performing operations leveraging opportunities through the value chain.


Taking social and environmental responsibilities

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Promoting electrification reduces carbon emissions in the transportation, heating, and social sectors, which help combat climate change.


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Vector Energy Innovation adheres to high standards of power sourcing for trade, choosing diversified and reliable sources with low-carbon footprint, climate neutral, cost-effective sources of electricity for consumption by societies and industries.

Sustainability has a substantial value in decision-making to assure climate-smart energy solutions.

Vector Energy Innovation offers simple, tailored solutions in complex energy markets.

The company has a clear focus on customer needs.